Troy has been performing for 24 years and teaching for 15. After being on the road in the northeast for 8 years, he went on to earn a Bachelors degree in music. He then moved to Colorado and performed around Denver in a couple original bands for 7 years before starting a family and moving back to Maine. He has performed in bands on guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Being a multi-instrumentalist, and having been on all sides of the rhythm section, Troy offers a unique perspective on the foundation of rhythm and harmony in a band situation. Troy has primarily been a guitar instructor, but also offers bass lessons. Available areas of study include: note reading, rhythm and counting studies, scales, modes, chord construction, chord progressions, harmony, transcription, eartraining and song writing. Troy is also founder and owner of the audio-video production company Vacationland Productions and has a digital recording studio on his property in Greene.