We have always reached for excellence in private music instruction and pride ourselves in our highly qualified staff of music teachers.

Tuition Policy

Pay your teacher the first lesson of the month. Count the number of lessons you have that month and multiply that number by the lesson price, which is currently $20/half hour or $40/hour. All our teachers accept either cash or check for lesson payments. When paying by check, make check payable to your teacher - not "Main Street Music Lessons".

If you have a credited lesson from the previous month - pay your teacher the first lesson of the month and deduct the price of the credited lesson from your payment.


Student/guardian cancellations are charged, UNLESS you (the student or the guardian) have told your teacher on the first lesson of the month that the student would be absent, therefore deducting that lesson price from your payment.

Teacher cancellations are not charged. If your teacher cancels a lesson feel free to deduct one lesson payment from the following month's payment.

School snow days are charged unless the teacher cancels. Often school is canceled and the weather is fine later in the day. We advise our teachers to cancel if the roads are bad. There is a gray area on this topic. The teacher has the final say on snow day cancellations. We urge our teachers to be fair in their enforcemnet of this policy.


Teachers often teach during a holiday. The student/guardian makes the decision before the first lesson of the month as to the student's attendance.

Student Discounts
Current students receive a 10% discount on all sales merchandise with the exception of consignment sales and labor rates in the repair shop.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please feel free to discuss them with your teacher.

Thank you for your continued support.