At MAIN STREET MUSIC LESSONS we specialize in the repair and reconditioning of band instruments as well.
No job is too large or too small. Our technician has over 50 years experience.

The service we provide can be broken down into 3 levels.

LEVEL 1 PLAYABILITY - This is the most basic level. It may involve simply replacing a pad, aligning a bent key, un-sticking a stuck slide, or
replacing a spring. This level would also include removing a dent, re-corking a joint, or the freeing of a stuck mouthpiece or valve. These are usually simple and quick repairs and don't require the instrument in the shop very long,

LEVEL 2 OVERHAUL - This is the process that all of our used band instruments go through before they are sold. The instrument is completely
dismantled, it is then dipped in a solution to clean and remove any corrosion or scale that has built up over time. Any major dents or dings are removed at this time. The instrument is buffed, the keys and joints are repaired. Pads, springs and corking are either replaced or restored. The instrument is then re-assembled, lubricated, precisely aligned and checked for playing. An instrument will come out of this process playing as good or better than new. Since this is labor intensive And time consuming process, it requires that the
instrument be left for an extended period of time.

LEVEL 3 RESTORATION (BRASS INSTRUMENTS) - In addition to all the services provided in the overhaul, the instrument is stripped and re-lacquered, the keys are polished or re-plated if necessary. This service is ideal for an instrument that has been involved in a flood or fire situation or for a family heirloom that has been in storage for way too many years. This process will turn that old brown, mildew-encrusted horn that grandpa left in the attic into a beautiful instrument that looks and plays like new!


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updated January 2012