". . . with 200 + gigs a year and countless hours playing, I simply wore out my custom acoustic guitar. Steve did a great job hand fitting a new bone saddle as well as leveling and crowning the frets for me. He put my guitar back to like new playing condition.

Thanks Steve. . .Denny"


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". . . with the prices of vintage guitars going through the roof I felt it time to retire my vintage'Strats' from live performance and have some replicas made to my specs as stage guitars.

I had two custom made to fit the bill and when I received the necks they were in need of fret leveling/dressing/nuts cut as well as the necks buffed out to a mirror gloss.

Spending time in Los Angeles and Europe I can pick where I have my work done.

Steve did a superb job; as well as working with me to make sure the work was done to my expectations. His work is hands down; 'World Class' and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a pro job done.

Thank you Steve for making my dream guitars a joy to play."

Iain Ashley Hersey